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I started my therapy career as a client.

That journey spanned several years and inspired me to make major changes in my life. I began sharing with friends what I learned in therapy. When I saw how it helped them, I realized the difference I’d always wanted to make in life could be made by becoming a therapist myself.

I enrolled in a Master of Arts program in Counselling Psychology and retired from my previous career in the public service.

My own experience as a client has motivated me to create a space for you that’s safe, calm, nonjudgmental, trauma-aware, and moves at your pace.

I help people who are living with depression, anxiety, low-self-esteem, a sense of loneliness, a sense of abandonment, of feeling unloved, unworthy, ashamed, or disconnected.

Avoidance of this kind of pain delays healing and can keep us stuck in unhelpful behaviours and thinking patterns.

Change happens when you can experience your core emotions directly, and unburden yourself. It may come from learning new coping or communication skills. Or it may come from better understanding yourself.

Whatever brings you here, your change can happen in the safe and caring presence of someone who will hold the space for you. Without judging, without shaming, and without invalidating you. I invite to reach out and contact me.

about "eidos"

The Greek word eidos has several meanings. Here, it means that which is seen. The ability to see a pattern or insight about yourself, with newfound clarity, brings it into your conscious awareness. Change becomes possible when we are free from making unconscious “choiceless choices” about how we encounter life.

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